Leveraging For A Better Tomorrow

At One Envoy Holdings, we ensure that all our business practices are grounded in sustainability principles. Our goals stem from our people-centric work environment, which we believe is part of the strong foundation that leads to our continuous growth and success. We believe that the betterment of our local community will lead to the overall enrichment of those around us; there is no better way to ensure the safety of future generations than by starting with being responsible for those who are around us today. For this reason, One Envoy has continuously supported local communities with development and relief campaigns, often reaching out to those who need resources and encouraging small communities within the country to flourish. 



Gearing up to make a greener tomorrow is a top priority for us all, which is why our local team organizes a variety of campaigns yearly with the hopes of making even the smallest changes. From environment cleanups to tree planting and more, we hope to be 'envoys' of change to inspire those around us with all our efforts.

Employee policy and welfare

Our employees are at the core of our organization and we strive to ensure that we support and help them build on their potential. We believe that our global team which consist of a diverse group of individuals who will be supported in an ethical and productive environment, with continuous security for their welfare as we move forward .

Local community growth

We believe in giving back to the community and fostering empathy for the less fortunate through our continuous care campaigns. From food donation drives to supporting local schools with their resource needs, we at One Envoy believe in making a change for the better one step at a time.